Golden Food and Spices

Cashew Kernels Factory: w240, w320, w450, ws, LBW, DW, LP

Vietnamese Cashew Nuts are known around the world for its rich, aromatic flavor, rich nutrients and rich in vitamins and minerals needed for the body. So it is usually chosen as premium gifts and foods. Vietnam is now one of the main exporters of Cashew Nuts to Canada, USA, Japan, EU, China and Singapore,… with world highest tuenover.

Golden Food and Spices supplies quality Cashew Nuts in accordance with AFI and ISO / HACCP standards. All products are controlled and inspected by prestigious independent inspection companies in Vietnam such as SGS, Cafecontrol, Vinacontrol, … With various types and specifications of Cashew Nut products such as W180, W210, W240, W320, W450, WS, SW, DW, LP, SP, SK, BB, etc.

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